Crystal Saga hack – Coins , Crystal and Coupons hack by Everg0n

  • Crystal Saga Hack
  • Crystal Saga Coins , crystals , coupon hack
  • Use Crystal Saga hack by Everg0n to hack Coins , crystals and coupon .
  • hacked values are server side / tradeable that means , you can spend all goods that you have hacked , but you must do it carefully
  • As you know all game hacks are illegal and your account might be banned for hacking anything in game.
  • The best option is to create secodn crystal saga account and hack goods on it , after that trade hacked values to your main account . That is the option I recommend the most
  • Second option is to hack little amounts of Coins , crystals and coupons on your main account
  • REMEMBER !! Dont tell other players you are using hacks , most of them are weird and might report you to game administration and it’s almost everytime account ban.


  • To hack coins ,crystal and coupons , log into game and run hack
  • You need to login in hack menu
  • Dont worry ! That hacks is safe , your account wont be stealed , becasue of game security you need to put login and password , there is no option to hack goods with login only because game is very well done .
  • After all new hack menu will appear , check goods you want to hack and put amount of it , for example ” 999 ” of coins ,crystal and coupons and click “start” button
  • When it’s done refresh your game windows and check your EQ
  • If you are not so sure it’s a safe file , check Virus Scan before download